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The day is hot and dusty, the air blurs with red dust. Both teams are giving their best, fighting to the very last. It's just a friendship match but the aggressive play of the Toho's main fast forward turns it into a serious fight.
Even his teammates are unquiet: it looks like Hyuga found his equal. Okay, Takayamada is not known to have a good soccer-team - but their striker is more then passionate enough to compare that.
Hyuga screams out of anger! This tiny boy just scored the second time in Wakarimasus Goal - impossible! His own team will win, of course, but alone the fact that someone else outsmarts his goalkeeper is unbearable.
A lonely person at side of the soccer field shivers inspite of the hot sun. He leaves no eye of the slender fast forward, watching the soft glow on his skin, tiny sweat droplets glimmering like crystals every time he shakes his head and sends them flying. "Izumi - you are so beautiful."
In the meantime the referee ended the match. It's an equal victory, something both teams find nearly unbelievable. The Nobodies stand up against Toho! What should have been an easy 10-0 victory nearly turned into a loss. It's a sensation!
High-spirited, audience and players leave the field - except for four persons.
Before Takuto knows what's happening, someone grabs him from behind and pushes him to the ground. "You!!" Hyuga's eyes are glowing.
Takuto jumps back on his feet, fists clenched.
Ken runs to his teammate to hold him back, also Koji jumps over the fence and rushes in to protect his lover.
Suddenly, the four of them are facing each other. "You bastard! How could you score in Wakashimazus goal? I should stomp you into the ground for that outrange!"
"At least, I don't have to foul my foes to stop them - my fights are honest." Takuto hisses.

Ken barely prevents his lover to hit the other one.
"It's beginners luck, Hyuga-san. This homeless brat isn't worth your attention. Look, his stallion is already there to keep him enjoyable for the night. Let's go."
Koji's eyes become icy.
"At least he's not known to be an easy fuck."
Three boys stare at him. Takuto becomes embarrassed, Hyuga angry and Ken stares at him with the cold glow of an owner, hurt in his pride.
"What do you mean 'easy fuck'?"
His eyes sparkle dangerous.
Koji just grins. Breathtaking fast, he grabs Hyugas head, pulls his mouth close and kisses him passionately. They are totally overtaken; Ken needs some seconds to move on to Koji who already let Hyuga go. With a malicious smile he points at his groin.
The erection in Hyugas shorts is more than obvious.
Tomato red, the boy turns away and faces the ground.
Takuto uses the moment of silence hastily. It has gone much to far and he tries his best to soothe the situation.
"Koji, I'm hungry and tired. Please, bring me home."
"One Second! Not without evening the scores!"
Ken grabs Takuto and presses his mouth on these wonderful soft lips. For a split second he marvels in their feeling - then a hard knee hits his stomach. Gasping he breaks away from the boy, Takuto looks dark at him.
"I'm nobodies toy."
Koji didn't made a move. With a triumphant smile he puts his arm around his lovers shoulders and turns to leave.
"Must be strange to be with a half virgin. I bet you have that much female playthings because he doesn't satisfy you."
Hyuga's voice is poisonous. Slowly Koji and Takuto turn around.
"What do you mean, I wouldn't satisfy him? Love is about much more than only sex!"
Hyuga's grin broadens.
"Oh really? Is that why every week a new mistress tells her story in the magazines? You don't bring it, face it!"
"Perhaps we should continue this discussion someplace more private."

Ken pilots them into the gym, which is totally deserted at this time.

As soon as they entered the wide room, Hyuga moves on to Takuto, pushing him onto a traingsmat and tries to undress him.
"Let's see what's into you."
Takuto is to surprised to really fight back but he manages to keep Hyuga at distance - at least a little.
Koji wants to help his lover but feels himself grabbed by strong hands and moved onto a second mat.
"You shouldn't worry about your friend - worry about yourself."
With a predatory smile, Ken bows over him and pins him down. Skilfully he undoes first Koji's pants and then his. Just before he can make another move, Koji grins broadly and heaves off the bigger boy. Suddenly, Ken finds himself on the ground and on his knees beneath the fair rocksinger in an iron grip. A snickering voice whispers in his hear.
"You are not the only one who knows martial arts. What did you say about worry?"
Koji uses his weight to keep Ken down, his hand moves between his legs, searching, inquiring and teasing.
Ken moans as strange fingertips move lightly over his shaft and tease his erection carefully.
A gentle nibble on his neck starts his blood to boil.
"You are not used to caresses, aren't you? To be honest, neither am I. But there is no reason not to learn a little about." Koji ends his teasing with a series of kisses starting on Ken's ear and running down his neck between the broad shoulders. All the time, he holds Ken in a special grip to keep him controlled. His hand closes around the big erection and - nearly shy- starts to massage it gently. A light bite in his shoulder and something hard nudging against his anus makes Ken even hotter. Sweat is running over his back, wetting his shirt. He groans first a little then louder as the hand around his penis move harder, a fingertip plays with the little slit on it's top. First drops of precum wet the hot tip.
"Relax ..." Koji urges him down and pushes only the big head into tight head.  A painful groan is the answer; the black-haired boy cramps his hands into the mat. Koji stops his moves to gives him time to adjust. All the while he nearly sings in his deep, lascivious voice calming words. "Just relax, it won't hurt. Easy ..."
Slowly, he starts to move and pushes carefully deeper. The painful groan stops and is replaced by grasping breaths and tiny whimpers, small noises which show clearly that inspite his first plans the tall goalkeeper starts to enjoy.
Soon they are moving together, two muscular, sweating bodies meeting each thrust and each move with deep groans and low screams. The heat is rising between them and Koji feels hot energy like a liquid ball concentrating in his groin. He frees Kens hand, grabs his hips with both hands and thrusts with all his strength in full speed into that magnificent body, encouraged from Kens deep moans. The goalkeeper throws his head back and invites Koji to share a passionate kiss between them.
As their tongues play, Kojis hand sneaks to Ken's hot member and - without becoming slower- finishes him. Ken breaks the kiss and emits a small roar as hot sperm leaves his twitching member, floating over Kojis hand.
The tall blonde thrusts harder into that strong body, the sudden tightening triggers his own orgasm and Koji spends himself with a load gasp.
Gently he leaves the body and falls beside the tall goalkeeper.
"That was - unbelievable."
"Hrmm" Ken purrs a little. "Never knew how it feels to be bottom. Repeatable."
He throws a small smile at Koji who answers it shyly.
"It was easier than with Izumi - I could concentrate on you and your pleasure. With him I always loose my temper. By the way - Izumi?!"

They look to the second mat. In the meantime, Hyuga managed to bring Izumi on his back and undress him - but that's it. The wild-eyed boy still refuses every caress.
Singer and goalkeeper exchange a short look and move to their lovers. Ken kneels behind Hyuga, gently nibbling on his skin. Koji crawls to Izumi and catches his mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. After an eternity he feels the boy slowly melting against him. Izumi relaxes visibly. Hyugas moves loose their hectic; his feverish caress is replaced by careful strokes, enjoying the slender, beautiful body and the soft skin.
Afraid, Izumi looks at the other boys.
"Koji, I don't know .... I won't ..."
A tender finger seals his lips. "Shhhh ... It's not what we're used to. But you might enjoy it. Nobody will hurt you, in the contrary - you will receive pleasure. Izumi .... I love you; nothing will change that, whatever you decide. And perhaps you will find another pleasure with someone who isn't possessive - like me."
Izumi feels the bitter sting in Koji's words. He throws his arms around Koji's neck and pulls him in another kiss.
"I trust you. And I enjoy our lovemaking, we don't need to experiment with another lover."
A soft sigh answers.
Gently, Ken roams his hand over Izumi leg.
"You don't need to be afraid. Let yourself fall - you will learn a lot about your body and what it means to be the centre of attention."
A little twinkle tries to dissipate doubts ....
Hesitantly, Izumi nods. But he stays alert, suspicious watching every move.
Koji didn't reckon with his agreement and starts to kiss his face, placing small, shy kisses on his cheeks and nose, cautious searching his lips.
Slowly soft lips part and invite the questioning tongue. Koji takes the others mouth gently, carefully watching Izumi's reactions.
In the meantime, Hyuga kisses and nibbles his way up and down the slim back. It's the first time for him to invade someone and he tries his best to prepare him. Normally, he would just storm ahead, break any resistance and punch into that goal - but this is no soccer match and the tiny shivers he feel under his hands remind him to be careful.
His Power over the other boy makes him feel great - he can do nearly anything to him. But this power is born out of trust and asks for responsibility - Hyuga feels strong like never before.
He rubs with both hands along the side of the back, relaxing cramped muscles. He lifts the body up and moves under it, setting Izumi on his lap. His erection rubs against the bronzed skin and sends small shivers not only through Hyuga but Izumi as well. A finger slips into Izumi, accompanied by a short gasp. The intruder moves carefully in the tight entrance, after a short while a second is added. Inspite of Kojis kisses and Hyugas slow space, Izumi starts to cramp, his moves become unwilling.
All the while, Ken watched the three of them. As now the boy begins to freak out, he crawls between his legs and closes his lips around Izumi's erect member. At first, he sucks gently, his tongue plays around the sensitive tip, soothing it. The boy moans laud.
Now, finally, he is ready.
Hyuga enters the slender body slowly, carefully pushing in not to hurt. His moves become faster, his thrusts deeper. Ken adjusts his rhythm with Hyugas moves, moving his mouth up and down the shaft according to them. Koji becomes hard only from watching. Izumi's eyes are closed, he is totally lost in sensations, small moans barely manage to escape his lips. Smooth moves of his hips force Hyuga to breathe deeper, loosing his self-control. He puts his hands around Izumis hips to steer his moves. His eyes narrowed he concentrates fully on the body in front of him and the feelings of his hot member moving in tight heat, rubbing over silky flesh, on the reactions his moves create. Deep moans for a slow, deep push, little whimpers for fast thrusts and soft shivers while he leans ahead and nibbles at the brown skin, leaving small marks on this perfect body. His hands shiver and he starts to move Izumis hips harder, thrusts more violent in this hot body. Ken crawls closer and sucks harder. As the movement becomes to much he steps back and caresses Izumis member with his hand, feeling the hot head twitch in his hand, quiver.
Izumi gasps hard now, he groans and moves, meeting Hyugas thrusts.
Koji is standing in font of him, his erect member close to his mouth. Without warning, Izumi catches the erection with his mouth and sucks like in fever on it. Koji moans, partly out of lust and partly out of pain because Izumi is quite rough now.
For a second, all four are united in one feverish lovemaking, longing to reach their peak and bring the other into ecstasy.
Soon, Izumi let go of Koji's penis. He needs all the air he can get now and pants heavily.
Hyuga feels his limit approaching, he roams his hands uncontrolled over the slim body, touching, gripping and caressing in fever storms. A big lump forms beneath his stomach and seems to grow until it explodes in thousands small shards, sending electric flashes in every part of his body. For a moment, his heart seems to stop and his lungs refuse to work. His member squirts it's load into the hot body, shivering.
Moments later, with some last rough moves of Kens hand, Izumi jerks up and gasps a last time while he reaches his peak and spends himself too.
With a deep intake Hyuga rests his head in Izumis bend.
Tenderly, Ken coodles close and puts his arms around the both of them. Playfully he puffs a wet strand of dark hair out of a face - not caring, whose face it is. Koji snuggles close to Izumi and watches him, afraid of his reaction. Maybe his lover feels surprised or angry - with Izumi you never know.
Right now, the boy is just exhausted.
After a few minutes, Ken breaks the silence.
"How about a shower? We could use one."
The boys agree and a little weary they stagger into the showers.

Two spouts of hot water patter onto the tiles. With a short glance, Koji and Ken agree about the distribution under the hot water. Hyuga feels himself pulled to the tall singer. He gets soaped in before he even manages to protest. As soon as his complete body is covered with soap, Koji lifts him up and bites gently on his nipple. Hyuga shouts - "Not now, I'm spend. You are worse then Ken!"
Deep blue eyes burn in his. "Yes, definitely. You are sure, you don't want?" A talented tongue plays with the teased nipple, soft bites send shivers over the sensitive skin. Hyuga moans. He just reached an incredible orgasm and should be totally exhausted - instead of that, his penis twitches a little, showing obvious interest. His hand moves to the other's crotch and massages a rock-hard member, twitching in his hand. Watching how the blackhaired boy fucked his lover made Koji so hard ... .Hyuga rubs his own erect organ on Koji's hip, moaning. Koji grins.
This sinewy body sparkles with controlled energy and passionate moves - a passion, he tends to explore and satisfy, just like the suntanned skin under his hands.

The singer kisses Hyuga almost violently, pushing him against the tiles, catching his lips with his mouth. A small moan escapes and floats into Koji's mouth, enough to tell him all about  a hot body and lustful desire. Koji lifts Hyuga up and puts his legs over his shoulder. He supports Hyuga's back against the tiled wall. With a deep kiss, he enters the slender body and thrusts hard. Hyuga groans into his ear and claws his fingers into Koji's white back. He leaves himself totally to Koji's actions. The man moves hard into him, taking his body in a feverish heat. With a last scream Hyuga feels another orgasm rolling over him, hot liquid filling his inside and spurting over his body - only to be washed away by the hot shower.

It's a hard fuck, something to satisfy even the last desires and to spend the last energies left.

Under the second shower a similar scene occurs.

Izumi feels being kissed and moved like a doll - it seems that Ken is not really used to resistance. Right now, he handles the boy with great experience - while Izumi is just too tired to really protest, even as Ken lifts him into the same position as Koji with Hyuga- standing, back supported against the wall. Ken shares a short kiss with the boy and whispers some endearments into his ears.

When his mouth returns to Izumi's lips, the kiss is hot and passionate as he enters this marvellous body, starts to move deeply into it and enjoys every reaction, every gasp and the feeling of that hands holding on to his back. This one is so similar to Hyuga - and at the same time so different.
Izumi is so vulnerable and shy deep inside - it's so exciting to tease him out of his hideout and watch him coming ....  Ken really enjoys these sensations. Strangled gasps into his ears, slender hands holding onto him for dear life, clasping and relaxing again as waves of pleasure run through Izumi's body - this submission is sweet like honey, intoxicating and without any reserve - the tall goalkeeper fucks Izumi hard until he can't bear it anymore. Ken clenches his teeth and growls as he floods the slender boy.
With a soft purr he kisses salty tears from Izumi's eyes, comforting the exhausted boy.

Finally, they change their partners back and continue to soap each other. Koji nudges his head gently against Izumi's who moves like in trance. A little concern shows on his face.
The boy avoids his look. "I'm just tired."
Hyuga looks at them. "You can sleep in our room. The beds are big enough for two of us and it's much too late to drive home. Come on."

They walk a few hundreds meter up to a building. Izumi is so tired, Koji has to support him. At last, they climb through a window and settle in a small room with two big beds.
Carefully, Izumi is placed on one, Hyuga gets some more blankets for them and they go to sleep.
Two pairs, closely hugged to each other. Izumi lays his head on Koji's chest, so that the singer can put his chin on it and wrap his arms around his lover.
Ken holds Hyuga in his arm to sleep and purrs a little into the night. This way, each pair finds rest.
Satisfied, for once.




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