-- T H E   C H A R A C T E R S--
Koji Nanjo

Koji Nanjo

Birthdate: 24. December

Zodiac: Capricorn

Bloodtype: A

Body size: 191 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Koji is the youngest of three Nanjo brothers (there is also a sister, Nadeshiko) and comes from a wealthy family.
He always loves danger (former leader of a motorcycle gang) and is for his coldness towards everything and everyone.
[He always was notorious for loving danger (former leader of a motorcycle gang) and for his coldness towards everything and everyone.]
At the 10th class he chuck in studies to become a popsinger.
Affairs and scandals are his order of every day and he attracts many problems by tending to act before thinking.
In spite of his external coldness and toughness reposes in him deep emotions and passion, which he expresses through his songs.
Koji’s favourite colors are black and red. He is really good at judo,kendo, karate and aikido. He loves longhaired women and doesn’t like kids.

Takuto Izumi

Takuto Izumi

Birthdate: 15. August

Zodiac: Leo

Bloodtype: 0

Body size: 178 cm

Weight: 60 kg


Izumi is a reserved and unapproachable young man with a dark past.
At the age of 5 years he had to watch his mother trying to murder his father for love.
Takuto went between them and got hurt on his left hip.
Still he’s got a big scar which reminds him of this day.
His whole passion bears on soccer and he plays the ball like he's obsessive about it to let out all his anger, pain and hate.
Izumi is the incarnation of innocence and honesty and cares for other more than for himself. He loves animals, to straighten and cooks willingly and good.


Serika and Yugo Izumi

Serika and Yugo Izumi are Takuto’s younger siblings. After their parent’s dead they got adopted. Serika is a big fan of Koji Nanjo.
Yugo doesn't really like Koji and is a little jealous of him because he’s spending so much time with his brother.

Katsumi Shibuya

Katsumi Shibuya

Birthdate: 1. October

Zodiac: Libra

Bloodtype: B

Body size: 170 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Katsumi is Koji’s manager and best friend.
When his sister Madoka died after long suffering, Koji was there to sing a song special to her.

Thereupon the record company of his Uncle signed Koji on.
Katsumi is very open minded and smart. He flirts with everything that can move.


Toshiyuki Takasaka

Birthdate: 15. September

Zodiac: Virgo

Bloodtype: A

Body size: 175 cm

Weight: 68 kg



Koji’s Agent at Shibuya Productions.
He’s always quite nervous and stressed, which is not unusual regarding Koji’s affairs.


Hirose Nanjo

Hirose Nanjo

Birthdate: 22. March

Zodiac: Aries

Bloodtype: AB

Body size: 182 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Hirose is the eldest of the Nanjo brothers.
He spends his whole life to be his father’s perfect son and heir.
Every second he trained hard in kendo, but it was always his brother Koji who was more talented and therefore prefered by their father. At their first (and last) important traditionel duel Koji defeated him.
But Koji doesn’t care for family traditions what Hirose refused to understand.


Akihito Nanjo

Akihito Nanjo

Birthdate: 1. October

Zodiac: Libra

Bloodtype: B

Body size: 170 cm

Weight: 54 kg


Akihito - the 2. Nanjo son - hates his brother Koji  abysmally and shows his dislikes all the time. He always was and is very jealous of Koji because their father prefered him instead of himself and his beloved brother Hirose.



Nadeshiko Nanjo

Sister of Hirose, akihito and Koji. Later she was nominated for 13. successor of the shinkageryu-joto dojo.


Ryuichiro Nanjo

Father of Hirose, Akihito, Koji und Nadeshiko. His highest endeavour was the joto dojo and to find a honourable follower. He gave everything to pursue this target – without regard on his sons, who he trained with all his strenght.



Mother of Koji. Famous model. At the age of 15 when she gave birth to Koji, she sufferd of neurosis. Ayako left her baby to her manager who fostered Koji. After 3 years she brought him to his father.

Tatsuomi Nanjo

Son of Hirose Nanjo. Even he is still young he get’s trained to become the honourable successor ot the joto dojo.

Kaoruko Nanjo

2nd wife of Hirose Nanjo. He married his 1st wife, a foreigner, while he was studying in the USA, but got divorced right after he returned to Japan.

Shigi Kurauchi

Loyal bodyguard and intimate of Hirose Nanjo.

Hotsuma Kurauchi

Kurauchi’s son and good friend of Tatsuomi.

Mieko Minamimoto

Former lover of Koji in earlier volumes of Zetsuai. Famous actress which also shooted together with Koji. She has got a younger sister (Yuka) who Koji used to distract the media from Izumi.

Minako Sasaki

"Former lover" of Takuto – using her he tried to get rid of the pushy Koji.

Takuto's Mutter

She murdered her husband and hurted little Takuto when he was trying to stop her. Some years later she reappeared to tell Takuto her last words.

Takuto's Vater

Was an ardently soccerplayer who tried to give up soccer for his beloved wife.


Familie Horiuchi

The Horiuchis are relatives behalf Izumi's mother. They adopted the siblings. Serika aged 8 and Yuugo aged 4. Takuto couldn't warm up with the Horiuchis and so they allowed him to leave when he got old enough.

Madoka Shibuya

Sister of Katsumi. Died at the age of 13 of anemia.

Hisaya Kunihide

He stepped to Izumi’s soccer team while Koji stayed in coma. Hirose used him for his evil plans against Koji. His girlfriend is Eri.

Eri Iijima

Kunihide's girlfriend and big fan Koji Nanjo – she loves the singer so much, that seh even would kill for her love.

Dr. Tooru Hina

Physican of Takuto in the USA. Old friend of Hirose Nanjo. Despite of his age (47!) he looks quite young.


She picked up Koji at a bar in the last volumes of Bronze. Also she is an old friend of Dr. Hina.



Koji's Band & Crew:

Takafumi Yoshiya


Kimi Mori


Kyoichiro Tachibana


Kai Kurosaki

Guitar. Later volumes he leaves the band. His follower is Gunji.

Keisuke Gunji

Follower of Kai Kurosaki, Guitar.

Aya Kagijuji

Stylist of Koji

Marie Sakuma


Yuri Kano

Make Up / Hair

Miyako Yoshii

Follower of Yuri. Make Up / Hair. Katsumi's girlfriend (later volumes)


Not to forget:


Name of the little puppy Takuto found beside Koji near garbagecans. He got killed by a car.


Katsumi’s dog which he left at Takuto and Koji to care.


She fell in love with Koji at the times where he was the leader of a motorcycle-gang.


Educator at Izumi's orphanage

Mayohito-kun &


Kids at Izumi's orphanage

Präsident von Shibuya Productions

Uncle of Katsumi


One of the boys of the doujinshi series "Papa wa musican, Mama wa J-Leaguer" who Koji and Takuto cared for.


Brother of Kouki at the doujinshi series "Papa wa musican, Mama wa J-Leaguer".

Ken Wakashimazu

Goalkeeper from the series "Captain Tsubasa" who Ozaki often used in her famous doujinshi in earlier years. The character-design developed more and more to Koji.  He gets often mistakten for Koji.

Kojiro Hyuga

Soccerplayer from the series "Captain Tsubasa" who Ozaki used in her famous doujinshi in earlier years. The character-design developed more and more to Takuto.


Minami Ozaki's "mascot" – often appears in  her doujinshi.



Another one of Minami Ozaki's "mascot" – sometimes surrounds Takuto.



One of the strangest mascot of Ozaki - you'll find it on some merchandising - mostly with a cheerful SD-Takuto riding on it...O_O



-- V A R I O U S   I N F O S --


Minami Ozaki


Mangaka of Zetsuai and Bronze. Well known for her doujinshi series to Captain Tsubasa.

Born: 27. February 1968 in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa

Blood type: 0

She started her carreer at the age of 20 with her debut "Chuusei no Akashi". One year later her story "3 Days" was released at Margret Comics. Shortly after it she made her breakthrough with her most famous series "Zetsuai".

Hayami Sho


Seiyuu of Koji and singer of many Zetsuai songs

Born: 2. August 1958 in Hyougo

Blood type: A

Also known as seiyuu of Muraki (Yami no matsuei), Raoul (Ai no kusabi), Julious (Angelique), Wolfwood (Trigun), Taki & Seraphim (Earthian),Yasha-Oh (RG Veda), Joker (Joker),...

Koyasu Takehito


Seiyuu of Takuto

Born: 5. May 1967 in Yokohama, Kanagawa

Blood type: A

Also known as seiyuu of Aya (Weiß Kreuz), Hotohori (Fushigi Yuugi), Rezo (Slayers), Kira (Angel Sanctuary), Sakano (Gravitation),...

Kappei Yamaguchi


Seiyuu of Katsumi

Born: 23. May 1965 in Fukuoka

Bloodtype: B

Also known as seiyuu of Inuyasha (Inuyasha), Arslan (Arslan Senki), Kimiira (B'TX), Shester (Captain Tsubasa), Serios (Dragon Slayer), Yorun (Edens Boy) ...


Ishihara Shinichi

Singer of some Zetsuai songs.

Also known for his songs to Dragonballs, Kamen Rider Agito, Legend of the blue wolves,...